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Social listening and Monitoring online powered by AI

Platform of
social listening.

Quantico by FLUVIP is a Social Listening and Social Network Monitoring tool that helps to increase sales, listen to clients and competitions, analyze sentiments, reduce crisis risks and generate insights to generate new business opportunities.


We can do social listening with mentions on social networks, news, blogs, reviews and more.

With Quantico you can have
powerful and reliable metrics.


How do we do it?

Fondo morado borroso

We monitor in real time

Discover unlimited possibilities to grow your business.

Social networks and digital media have become the source of information that we all must listen to.


Quantico by FLUVIP is theSocial listening tool that uses artificial intelligence to receive mentions in real time with the keywords that your brand or company needs, classify these conversations according to positive, neutral or negative sentiment. These are stored in a dashboard, here you will receive alerts at the moment you see an increase that could generate an insight or a reputational crisis.


Why Quantico?

  • Help to increase your sales.

  • Analysis of data online.

  • take care of yourself digital reputation and sentiment analysis.

  • 24/7 monitoring.

  • Identifies business opportunities.

  • measure the awareness of your brand.

  • Customer and competition analysis.

  • Generate alerts in reputational crisis.

  • personalize automated reports in real time.


ISO 9001:2015 certification
in management quality system.

New features


Find out the number of mentions generated in the period, the potential audience, the reach on Facebook and shares in the media.


Distribution of total mentions in the different presence channels for the brand.


It tells you the sentiment generated by the conversations.


It shows you the most relevant conversation categories in the period.


Line with milestones of the last 48 hours to know the trend of the conversation.


Quantico Radar

Top Content

Ranking of the most shared news on Twitter, most commented posts inside and outside your social networks.

Tag Cloud

Word cloud with the most used terms in the period.

Semantic Field

We identify the main topics of conversation.


Ranking of the most used hashtags for users and for your brand.


Shows you the most relevant conversation categories in the period.


List of twitter trends in the chosen period.

Quantico audience

  • Authors 

Ranking of users by number of mentions generated, sentiment, influence score and number of followers.

  • Demographics and geolocation

Identifies the gender, age and location of users.

  • Community

Identify what the interests are or what conversation community your audience belongs to.

  • Stake

Generate a ranking by users and their participation with the competition or just focused on your brand.

  • Spokesmen and detractors

Generate a proximity and relevance map where you locate the accounts that generate positive or negative sentiment content towards your brand and cross it with their level of influence.


Our clients

Customer Testimonials


What I like the most about Quantico is that they are committed, it seems that they have shares in Gloria. Quantico helps me to measure results, to know the conversations in social networks on a daily basis.

Juan Carlos Belaude
Corporate Affairs Manager

Our clients


You are one click away from using AI in your business


Katherine Vilca

Customer Experience Director

and Operations

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