The automated platform for Influencer Marketing

- Influencer platform -

Proprietary technology for automated Management of Influencer Marketing

FLUVIP has developed a proprietary platform that allows influencers to easily connect and monitor their different social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, set the cost of content creation, which is dependent on its scope and the level of engagement among followers, and approve or modify the content to be published.

For advertisers our powerful engine allows us to quickly and easily find the right influencers that align with campaign objectives and brand positioning, implement, and ultimately track real time results allowing for optimization.

- Video and Branded Content -

Our video capabilities continue to grow and advertiser demand increases.

With our expert support, brands can bring out the best creative ideas in video content, either from our extensive library of viral video or our portfolio of audiovisual creators.

Our platform offers support from the ideation and planning, though the social amplification of the videos! Either from our extensive library of viral video or our portfolio of audiovisual creators, brands can bring out the.

- Agencies -

Get the Optimum performance from your Influencer Campaign!

We offer agencies the ability to directly leverage our influencer platform via a dashboard which decreases the enormous time that can be consumed by a cumbersome talent search. The FLUVIP platform also allows for consolidated information around the influencers allowing for a more informed selection before the campaign begins. The platform simultaneously generates insightful, real-time reports allowing for agile campaign optimization.


and Media Companies

Automate the Management of Social Media Talent

Leveraging our proprietary platform, Multi-Channel Networks can efficiently manage talent and generate new sources of revenue in a measurable and scalable way, identifying potential new stars and increasing monetization of their channels.

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